Daily press briefing statements by the ministry of Foreign affairs députy spokesperson ( Excerpts )

Q - Do you have any comment on NATO’s activism in the Maghreb in the light of the latest meetings in Rabat between the 26 or 27 members, plus the seven southern Mediterranean countries ?
I’ve no particular comment. There will be a NATO ministerial meeting at the end of the month on April 27 and 28 in Sofia at which there will be a discussion about the organization’s perimeter of action. As you know, discussions have been going on a long time in NATO, since the fall of the Berlin Wall and since enlargement, about how to reorganize its activities. We’re taking part in this debate, and the ministerial meeting, which will itself be preparing for the summit of heads of state and government in Riga, will be when the various positions, including our own, are announced. We’ll know a little more in a few days.
Q - At this time, you’ve not taken a position ?
We have positions. We have a vision, but I’ve no comment today on the particular point you raised./.

Dernière modification : 17/01/2008

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