Speech of Mrs Alliot-Marie - French-American Foundation

New York, vendredi 20 octobre 2006


(…) Together with our partners, we must find concrete solutions to manage these conflicts. At the security level, we must reinforce our means of action in terms of security and defense : Everyone must make an additional effort for Defense.

Since 2002, spurred by President Jacques Chirac, France has experienced a significant rise of her military budget.

Above all – together with the United Kingdom and Germany – France has developed European Defense. For the last four years, the European Union has been setting up significant tools, like the Battle groups, the operations center, the European Defense Agency.

Today, EU participates in about fifteen operations throughout the world, including two major military operations, in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (…)

NATO must be deployed in the framework of long-term heavy military missions, with a significant American commitment.

European Defense is more dedicated to smaller scale operations where reactivity and contact with populations is a priority (…)

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