Statements by Ministry of Foreign and European spokesperson

(Paris, July 16, 2008)

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(...) PFUE/Nato

European Affairs Secretary Jean-Pierre Jouyet is presenting the goals of the French EU presidency in European defense policy to the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday, July 16.
Ten years on from the Franco-British summit at St. Malo, which gave it the initial impetus, European security and defense policy (ESDP) has acquired actual operational experience. Nearly 20 civilian and military operations have been carried out (Balkans, Africa, Middle East, Asia).
The ambition of the French presidency is to draw the lessons from these missions from both the military and civilian standpoints and to give the EU planning capacities and instruments to carry out operations adapted to Europeans’ needs. This debate is to be part of a renewed political vision based on the complementary nature of European defense and Nato, and will address the main aspects of defense policy, specifically : updating European security strategy, which goes back to 2003, operational capacities, militarily and civilian, re-energizing the European Defense Agency, and the internal defense equipment market.

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