Briefings on the French draft Military Planning Law at NATO HQ (8 March 2018) [fr]

General Éric Bellot des Minières, Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning in the French Defense Staff, visited NATO headquarters on Thursday 8 March 2018 to present the French draft Military Planning Law (MPL).

Meeting with M. Heinrich Brauss, Assistant Secretary General of Defense Policy and Planning

France is preparing MPL, spanning the 2019-2025 timeframe. Currently being examined by Parliament, this draft bill will be voted at the start of summer.

This draft bill reflects the President’s decision to reach 2% of GDP devoted to our defense effort by 2025, in line with the Defense Investment Pledge (DIP) agreed upon by heads of state and government at the Wales Summit. With this MPL bill, France will also continue to surpass the goal of 20% of defense spending devoted to major equipment as well as research and development.

The draft MPL describes our level of ambition until up to 2030 as well as the major capabilities France will renew and acquire during the 2019-2025 period. This goal of consolidating and modernizing France’s defense mechanism, including an effort in terms of human resources, is wholly coherent with the priorities set forth by the Alliance. The future MPL will allow France to maintain its high level of operational engagement, which contributes directly to the security of the Alliance and to all Allies, and enables better burden sharing.

During his visit at NATO HQ on 8 March 2018 to brief on the french draft MPL, General Éric Bellot des Minières :
- met with Assistant Secretary General of Defense Policy and Planning, M. Heinrich Brauss, furthering the continued and permanent dialogue between France and NATO in matters related to defense planning.
- presented the MPL bill to all Allies during a Defense Policy and Planning Committee (DPPC) meeting. This presentation spurred discussions highlighting the existence of common challenges faced by Allies, like recruitment and retention of personnel within the armed forces, as well as the necessary cooperation in the field of technological innovation.

- More information on the draft MPL on the website of the ministry of Armed forces (PDF)

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